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Our Patent-Pending technology means
less pressure, more support and no compromises. 

3D Spacer Textiles

The secret to our exclusive technology is two layers of special 3D textiles that transform the way a Chiromatic mattress responds to your body and reduces pressure. 


Soft Recovery latex

Latex is known for its high resiliency, extraordinary comfort and clean manufacturing process. Our soft recovery latex creates a peaceful, quiet feel that is gentle and supportive at the same time.



Organic Cotton + TENCEL

Enjoy the luxurious, non-toxic and cool touch of organic cotton and TENCEL blended comfort layers that will make you want to hit that snooze button a few extra times.



pressure reduce


1. Two layers of special 3D spacer textiles contain millions of nanospring filaments that instantly react and adapt to your body
2. These layers are unique because they reduce point pressure but also provide strong, even support and distribute your weight evenly across the mattress


3. LoomAir 3D technology promotes ideal body alignment, promotes adaptive support and reduces point pressure. You’ll never have to choose between comfort and support again


This technology is not available
in any other mattress.


Traditional and memory foam mattresses can distribute most of your weight on only 25% of your body. These hot spots of pressure can restrict bloodflow and cause muscle and joint pain. Using memory foam or too soft a mattress makes movement difficult and strained.

Pressure mapping analysis shows that 3D spacer technology can reduce these high-pressure areas by up to 66%, and distribute your weight to the bed’s base support layer more evenly. This means you get comfort, support and pressure reduction without compromises.


We’ll take take care of the science.
YOU can take care of the “AAAAH”


Seven Layer Progressive design Anatomy of the best bed for your back



Chromatic sleep systems are only sold through the recommendation of licensed Chiropractors or direct through this website.

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